Testing Methods for Drugs and Alcohol

Illegal drugs can be detected by several methods. The most common method is to screen a urine sample for drugs. Oral fluids (saliva) and hair follicle are reliable methods, too. A breath sample is the standard for the detection of alcohol in the system, but urine and saliva are acceptable options to screen for alcohol.


Laboratory Drug Testing

Laboratory drug testing is more favorable to other types of test options because it instills more confidence in the employer and employee. Results are determined by laboratory instruments that are regularly examined and calibrated to ensure accuracy. The laboratory will conduct an initial screening for substances and if detected, will conduct a second test using Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry or GC/MS, a more precise method to determine the presence of drug metabolites.

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Instant Drug Testing

We use approved Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) Point of Care Testing devices. If the result is positive, the sample is sent to a certified laboratory for Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) confirmation. 

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Alcohol Testing

Breath samples are the most common method of alcohol detection for employment. Breath yields immediate results. We use breath alcohol devices that are listed on the federally approved compliance list for DOT (Department of Transportation) testing. The presence of alcohol can also be detected in a urine or saliva sample.

Hair Testing

Analyzes for drugs within the hair shaft using about a half-inch of Hair to detect drug usage within the previous 90 days (about 3 months). Due to the passing of the new marijuana testing law AB2188 in California, hair drug testing is not recommended in California for employment.

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Oral Fluids Testing

Saliva identifies recent drug usage that can be missed by urine testing. Oral samples identify donors under the influence when the sample is collected. The window of detection in oral fluid starts within one hour of drug usage. Read the new 2024 law AB2188 on why you might switch to Oral fluids if you are an employer in California and NOT regulated by Federal testing regulations.

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Onsite / Mobile Testing

Crossroads will bring its clinic to your location and test employees for pre-employment testing, random testing, post-accident testing, or reasonable suspicion testing 24/7 365. Your employees do not have to wait at a clinic for hours, costing you money by not being productive. If you have a major hiring event that requires testing onsite, Crossroads is the company to call.

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