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C/TPA DOT Random Testing Program and FMCSA Clearinghouse

As your Consortium/Third-Party Administrators (C/TPAs), we can manage all, or part, of your DOT drug and alcohol testing program, sometimes including maintaining required testing records. In addition, we perform tasks as agreed to by the employer, including random selections, to assist in implementing the drug and alcohol testing program and help keep the employer compliant with the DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing rules and regulations for FMCSA, FTA, FRA, FAA, PHMSA, and USCG.

Employers who qualify as Federal Motor Carrier Service Administration (FMCSA) must register with the FMCSA Clearinghouse. An employer may designate a consortium/third-party administrator (C/TPA) in the Clearinghouse to assist with meeting their query and violation reporting requirements. However, C/TPAs must accept an employer’s designation in the Clearinghouse before they can access the Clearinghouse on that employer’s behalf. Therefore, employers should contact the C/TPA before sending them a designation request in the Clearinghouse.

Meet Byron Nelson

My Entrepreneurial interest began at a young age as a survival default. I was the number six sibling in a family of nine children. My father's passionate attempts to start a trucking company were inspiring and heartbreaking. But he kept starting over. In 1995 the company that moved me to Los Angeles from New York eleven years earlier was purchased by a fully staffed national corporation, thus omitting me from the equation. My entrepreneurial journey was about to take off. I invested a few of my severance dollars in a new venture called Foothill Communications, primarily a marketing company. I invested in a complex fax system which was revolutionary at the time. I hired a team, and we produced impressive results in product development and services for clients through market research by*****Wait for it! *****utilizing a fax machine's Automatic Voice Response (AVR) to gather survey data. Unfortunately for us then, the World Wide Web caught fire and torched our little company.

I offered my accounting knowledge to a food service and health industry company. A partner in the new company was manufacturing Invitro diagnostic devices for instant drug testing. In 1998 I formed a corporation, received DOT certification as a collector, and offered my expert services to various companies for onsite, pre-employment, and post-accident drug screenings. I developed the packaging and distribution for an Invitro device to be sold over the counter and used at home. We pivoted to just onsite testing but never closed the doors entirely shut. Fast forward to 2018. We opened a walk-in drug testing facility in Duarte at our current Huntington Drive location. Crossroads’ Drug and Alcohol Testing mission is moving forward: Leveraging available technology and Industry experience as we gradually scale up capacity and efficiencies to serve Department of Transportation Agencies, their Contractors, Human Resource Departments, and individuals.

Thank you for your continued support. Our latest service to the community is Live Scan Fingerprinting. This fast and efficient technology digitally captures an individual's fingerprint and transmits them electronically to the State of California's Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

I am accessible, hands on, and at your service.
Crossroads Drug and Alcohol Testingl



Crossroads manages our random drug testing program and FMCSA Clearinghouse requirements for all our commercial drivers. Their online portal makes it easy and efficient to schedule testing, store testing documentation, and ensure we maintain regulatory compliance. With Crossroads, their testing hours are flexible with quick turnaround times. Byron is knowledgeable in the FMCSA regulations and provides clear guidance.

- Demetrius Merriweather, City of Passadena Safety Division

We have been using Crossroads Drug testing for more than 10yrs. We send all our employees there when required & Byron gets them in and out quickly with the results emailed shortly thereafter. He pays close attention to the testing procedure and is very through. I would highly recommend any local business in need of drug or alcohol testing to give him a call.

- Ben Marrone, Owner: Marone Plumbing 

Crossroads Drug Testing and Byron Nelson were “heaven sent” to our company.  We were looking for a new partner in our applicants’ pre-employment drug testing when we received a call from one of our neighborhood businesses.  I am so glad I picked up that call, and the rest is history.  It has been five years and I am looking forward for more years of partnership with Crossroads drug testing.   Crossroads consistently gives us a quick turnaround of test results, to ensure I can schedule my applicants to start work with our company as soon as possible.  I was happy with the price of their service; it is the lowest among all the clinics I have worked with in the past.  Byron Nelson is very accommodating and takes good care of his customers.  Thank you and I wish you all the best in your business!   

- Mae Olado-Kasilag, HR Manager for Accu-Sembly, Electronic Assembly Solutions

After calling around and getting ran around from major testing facilities I come across Crossroads Drug and Alcohol Testing on Google search. Person that answerd the call, Byron was straight forward, to the point and what’s most important very knowledgeable in the field, unlike stuff employed by many other organizations I have contacted. We set up a process and payment plan and the rest is was a walk in the park, showing up when instructed and do a series of tests I needed to do. Byron is a professional and very personable person that was a pleasure working with. Facilities are clean, comfortable waiting area, easy access and parking. Process is very simple, and prices are very competitive especially in comparison with the big testing places that always trying to upsell for additional services and super busy. Crossroads Drug and Alcohol Testing is simply the Best answer for your testing needs!

- Andrei K.

I discovered this place when I needed to get a drug test for work, and I had a great experience! The gentleman working there was kind and professional. I called on a Tuesday afternoon and he was taking walk ins, and I was done within 20 minutes! I would definitely recommend this place!

- Iris C.

Great customer service and patience to answer questions.

- Victor Orantes


Who can take a drug test at Crossroads? 

Anyone can take a drug test at Crossroads. We specialize in Employment drug testing, but we also do drug and alcohol testing for Legal, Law Enforcement, and private individuals. 

Is Crossroads a Laboratory?

No. Crossroads is a Collection Site Clinic for Drug and alcohol testing. Our technicians collect samples consisting of urine, hair, and saliva. We then ship the collected samples overnight to designated laboratories like QUEST, ALERE, LABCORP, PSYCHEMEDICS, OMEGA, and others for processing.

Are all samples sent to a laboratory? 

No. Crossroads offer a same-day drug test that takes 5 minutes. You can have negative test results before you leave our clinic. If a same-day drug test is inconclusive or non-negative, that sample can be sent to a laboratory for GC/MS confirmation which is a more in-depth second test that confirms the initial screening. 

Does Quest Diagnostics Own Crossroads?

No. Crossroads is privately owned and is a Preferred Collection Site for Quest Diagnostics Laboratory.